Black woman against purple background

The Chrysalis Initiative

Erase the Line

The first-ever platform designed to reduce inequality in breast cancer care for Black women


In the US, Black women are 42% more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. In a systemically biased healthcare system, Black women are often dismissed and treated with prejudices that keep them from receiving an equitable standard of care.


The Chrysalis Initiative launched the ERASE THE LINE campaign, a call to action to end the disparity. We highlighted the injustice that exists in our healthcare system and promoted the first-ever digital platform designed for Black women by Black women. Such an important cause demanded a uniquely distinctive brand asset. So we took ownership of the inequality symbol as a rallying cry for change.

“Jamil (founder of the Chrysalis Initiative) is the Stacey Abrams of breast cancer for Black women.”

— Breast Cancer Survivor


Since launch in October 2021, we have seen:

  • 50% rise in clinical trial enrollment
  • 90% reported increased confidence in treatment
  • 100% reported improved standard of care