The Challenge

The onset of retinal disease can be daunting for patients and their families. Many are confused about their diagnosis, anxious about treatment and fearful they may lose their vision. They also feel that doctors tend to talk very clinically and may not fully understand the daily struggles they face.


If we can empower patients to better convey what they go through, while at the same time increasing awareness and empathy within HCPs, we can foster better communication between the two.


Introducing In My Eyes – a fully immersive experience for people to see what life is like with a retinal eye disease. The app is broken into two distinct sections:

The Process

We partnered with production and special effects experts whose work has been featured on Lost, Breaking Bad and Westworld. We then custom-built a specialized camera rig to film our scenarios from a full 360-degree perspective. After the footage from each camera was stitched together, we implemented graphical effects that accurately resemble the real-life impairments of each eye disease.

Finally, we programmed the app to support the immersive environment, so users could turn their head any direction and interact with their surroundings as if they were really there progressing through each story.

The Results

The app was only recently unveiled to Regeneron’s sales force and was just made available to the general public via the App Store and Google Play in early 2017. We’re encouraged by the early buzz and look forward to tracking its positive impact.